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Our Hertford Hub is based in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire.

We offer a range of different activities and supportive group sessions to improve mental wellness.

Tai Chi

Tai chi is an ancient soft martial art from China. Tai chi translates as “Ultimate energy” of “Supreme force”. Practising tai chi is a series of mindful slow movements, incorporating breathwork techniques that gives you the power to move the “Ultimate energy” through yourself for great health, vitality and wellbeing.

Sound Bath

A sound bath is a meditative practice incorporating music and sound. Said to encourage deep healing and balance on a physical and spiritual level, sound bathing is typically used as a way of managing anxiety by soothing the nervous system. It works by allowing true relaxation in a calming and comfortable environment, facilitated by the healing vibrations of sound.

Come and immerse yourself in the beautiful depths of the vibrations generated by bowls, gongs, drums and chimes with us.

Gentle Yoga

Yoga can not only make you feel better physically, it can also make you well mentally.

Yoga offers a great, low-impact way to increase feel-good brain chemicals, which help decrease anxiety and improve mood. Join us for Gentle Yoga with Saira.

Programmes & Courses

At our organisation, we are proud to offer a range of free training courses that can help improve your skills and knowledge. We also have an amazing 8 Week Programme that can help you take your abilities to the next level.

8 Week Programme

Our unique and holistic 8-Week Mental Wellness Programme™ consists of psycho-education teachings, one-on-one therapy, personal training and nutrition advice from our trained professionals.

The Programme has been developed to support and educate people in order to overcome their personal difficulties. We support the person, not the problem. 

Training Courses

We are passionate about education and raising awareness, that’s why we offer a range of free training courses, including ‘Loss and Grief’, ‘Suicide Awareness’ and ‘Managing Anxiety’.

We also run our ‘First Aid 4 Mental Health’ training sessions to support organisations and individuals.

We are committed to removing the stigma around mental health. By looking at the whole picture of mental, physical and emotional well-being, we help people and communities boost their mental health and happiness.

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